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Written by President of ILEP & ILEP on 29 January 2012

When Raoul Follereau designated the last Sunday in January as World Leprosy Day,  his two main messages were that leprosy is curable and that persons affected by leprosy are entitled to rights like all other persons. In advance of this year’s World Leprosy Day, the ILEP President stresses the millions of persons ILEP Members have helped cure over the last 45 years and the key role ILEP Members and their partners can play in upholding their rights. 

“It is vital that in 2012 the global rhetoric on human rights in leprosy be now translated into practice and action” says Mr René Stäheli, President of ILEP. There is still much discriminatory legislation in many countries that hinders the participation of persons affected by leprosy in basic aspects of every day life.

ILEP understands how people affected by leprosy can themselves be agents of change and helps provide the encouragement and other means to achieve this in line with the current WHO global strategy. This stresses that persons affected by leprosy have a definite role and responsibility to play for example in improving self-care activities. These individuals can also help trigger changes in perceptions, attitudes and policies through awareness generation and advocacy efforts.


Message from ILEP President in English

Message from ILEP President in French

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