Ebola. ILEP members meeting  in London on 10th October  agreed to coordinate with national structures in countries affected by Ebola (Liberia Guinea and Sierra Leone), to support governments in adjoining countries to  make contingency plans for the spread of Ebola. We are  planning  now for  rebuilding of leprosy services after the crisis. ILEP Members click on ILEP Ebola Response for details and resources.

Welcome to ILEP

The purpose of ILEP (The International Federation of Anti-Leprosy Associations) is to promote and facilitate co-operation and collaboration between its Members, by co-ordinating their support to leprosy programmes, representing their common interests and providing technical expertise to the Federation, its Members and other parties.

ILEP is in Official Relations with the World Health Organization and has Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations. This enables ILEP to share its knowledge and expertise on leprosy, and to express its views and influence the work of these two UN bodies in relation to leprosy, disability and development issues.

ILEP's thirteen Members are autonomous non-governmental anti-leprosy organisations, or organisations with a strong emphasis on leprosy. Membership of ILEP enhances the capacity of these Member Associations to work towards the common goal of a world without leprosy.

Members of ILEP are active in virtually all countries where leprosy exists. Together they are fighting leprosy on all fronts - from detection and treatment to rehabilitation.

Leprosy around the world